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Grading English assignments is now a seamless process with GrammarXL, our proprietary machine learning engine. Easily analyze student progress right within your existing Learning Management System.

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Grading Made Easy For Everyone

GrammarXL automates the scoring of assignments using an algorithm that upholds grading consistency. It reads student papers in seconds, saving instructors hours.

What’s more, GrammarXL automatically detects and supports multiple languages. 

Total Control

Teacher creates assignment in Learning Management System or Web Portal.

Simple to Submit

Students submit the assignment in the LMS (Text of File Upload).

Instant Grading

GrammarXL receives the assignment, automatically reviews and grades within seconds. A full report and score is sent directly into the student’s gradebook.

How does it work?

Try it yourself above!

Submitted by a student

Detailed feedback by Grammar XL

Gain Valuable Data Insight

GrammarXL streamlines how teachers and students track grammar skill progress. Each report includes a summary of the assignment, comparison to past scores, and a review on which writing mechanics a student flourishes or struggles in. All reports are downloadable and grades are automatically updated into the student’s grade book.

Standardize Your Grading

GrammarXL simplifies the grading process. It gives a score based on the number of errors in relation to the word count; thus ensuring consistency in grades. With this personal assistant by their side, teachers are free to focus on lesson plans and student engagement. Plus, there are no limits. Teachers and students can submit an unlimited amount of assignments for grading.

Integration with your Learning Management System

Ask about our Moodle plugin!

GrammarXL integrates with your existing Learning Management System (LMS). Students submit their assignment in the LMS. The assignment is automatically fed through the GrammarXL Machine Learning Engine, which sends the grade and full report via PDF to the student’s gradebook. Everyone can view the graded assignment instantly.

Well-rounded English Learning Assessment

GrammarXL is yet another tool in your English Learning Assessment arsenal. In addition to quizzes, speaking assignments, participation, and simulations, evaluating English competency via writing assignments is now easier than ever. Quickly monitor your students’ English comprehension progress and see their areas of strength and challenges in the language.

What are educational professionals saying about GrammarXL?

Dr. L. Nguyen

GrammarXL has been a lifesaver. We have thousands of students that are learning English as a second language. Each student is required to submit assignments that assess their comprehension of the English language. Our teachers were spending more time grading those assignments than teaching the course.

M. Davenport

The GrammarXL application has saved our faculty members hours of work grading basic English assignment. The results are very detailed and integrates flawlessly with our LMS.

K. Lee

We use GrammarXL in our school as a tool to validate their comprehension of the English language. We teach in classrooms, but students are required to write papers as part of the lessons. GrammarXL automatically grades the papers, gives great feedback and students can see trends.

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